Tuesday, 8 May 2007

Board? Play some of these games from MiniClip.com

Miniclip.com is an awesome site to pass some time when your board so i decided to post some of my favorite games.
Just click on the images and they will take you to that game, enjoy......

Monkey Kick Off
Let your monkey kick the ball as far as he can with a click of your mouse,
See how many monkey meters you can get!
My personal best is 4338 Monkey Meters =D

This is a little adventure game, you have to guide your little character Joe
through the Chasm trying to get the towns water supply back on.
Point and click game with a few puzzles to solve on the way...

Acnos Energizer
Do you like puzzle games? This is a great game with tons of levels.
Help Acno guide the balls into the energizer tube to advance to the next level...

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